Community Center

Coming Soon: The I Rock My Scars Community Center

Since the inception of I Rock My Scars, our team has continued to grow this amazing initiative. By reaching others affected by visible or invisible scars, our vision has only gotten more clear: We envision a world mentally and physically healed from pain.

Since COVID-19 impacted the globe, our operations pivoted. The safety of Rebels is always the top priority; therefore, all in-person events, support groups, and workshops were placed on a temporary moratorium. Rebels are often neutropenic or rebuilding weakened immune systems. Keeping this in mind, we had to get creative! The Real Talk Rebels podcast was born, which chronicled the experiences of various Rebels around the world. Hot topics like dating after a diagnosis or trauma were discussed, and each participant received surprise gifts such as money and Rebel Kits. Season one ended with rave reviews.

During the time of recording, the Board of Directors agreed to proceed with the original pre-COVID plan to inhabit a space encompassing the organization’s expansion, and a three-story building in Crewe, Virginia was purchased in 2020. It is slated to open in fall 2023 and will contain a community center, convalescence units, a main office, and plenty of space for our Rebels to express themselves in support groups and workshops through art, fashion, music, and more. The future is bright here at I Rock My Scars! Follow us on Instagram and sign up for our mailing list to stay updated every step of the way.