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While the general population associates cancer patients with battles and fights, we are aware of and understand the negative impact this vernacular has on individuals undergoing treatment. I Rock My Scars challenges the status quo, and rebels against fitting into the box of having a disease or experiences we did not ask for. A Rebel exhibits authenticity no matter how uncomfortable it is for others. Rebels question the systems in place and aim for improvement. Rebels pick each other up when fear of recurrence and the next scan are around the corner. Rebels speak their truth to validate one another and progress collective healing together.

Some say that scars are like tattoos with interesting stories. Experiencing such a major physical change may be uncomfortable and daunting at first. Through your testimony, you never know who you will empower or inspire. We feature Rebels on Instagram and correspondence. Fill out our contact form below, and we will be in touch! If possible, please provide any social media handles so we can find you.